“Art has been the center of my life for decades. I’ve learned through experimentation. Art is a continuing lesson—a challenge to the eye, mind and hand to control your chosen medium. Watercolors, my preferred medium, help me to depict the moods and elements of the sea. I want the viewer to become a friend and partner in my voyage, to feel the fog, hear the bell buoys, follow the lighthouses and know the tilt of the deck as we sail the seas together.

“The sea and the Maine coast have been deeply engrained in my mind and heart since early childhood. As a child I spent summers in my grandparents’ home in Camden, Maine. The sea seems deep-­rooted into my very being. In 1769 my mother’s family settled on the Fox Islands, now the islands of Vinalhaven and North Haven. My love of Maine and Penobscot Bay are fundamental to my interests, talent and artistic achievements. My mother, Ruth Leadbetter Norton, was a gifted art teacher and my coach. Her encouragement and training gave me my passion for painting.”